Girls , what advice would you give a guy like me? Please read details (long)?

I'm 18. I'm an engineering student who is great academically. I'm 6ft tall. I have a Calvin Klein model body. I don't know if my face is good looking. I get looked at a lot in real life... but so what right? I asked here and got told I am good looking /very cute etc. I am still very insecure about it. Because HOW CAN I KNOW IF my photos are what I look like IRL? I mean the photos aren't blurry or anything but still photos can be inaccurate. I wish there were rate me booths in shopping malls/salons in real life I'm not even joking. DEAD serious. Now there's an idea to get vain people like me to get professional beauty tips.
BUT seriously though what should I do?
Also why do I feel slightly sad when seeing this video even though I have been told by at least 5 girls here that I am/can look just as good? Sorry if I sound exremily narcissistic. I am not this terrible IRL.

KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT ABOUT GETTING A GIRLFRIEND. I CAN DO THAT BY JUST GOING UP TO A GIRL AND SAYING HI. This is about me wanting to be the hottest version of myself and worrying whether the hottest version would look as good as the super famous hot guys of the world (especially the ones who are famous mostly for their looks) or not.
THIS is about me not wanting to feel genetically inferior to ANYONE on this planet (Yes I have a high IQ).


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  • You should try to be less vain. You're at least a bit attractive, since people look at you irl and pics can be slightly off but won't change your looks that much unless you try really really hard. The only thing that could spoil your attractiveness is caring too much. Girls want a human man, not a doll.

    • But I want to know if I am ridiculously hot. How can I know? I don't want my face to be genetically inferior to ANYONE'S face. How can I know how good my face is genetically? I WILL STOP caring once I know for sure.

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    • Girls want a human doll who is intelligent and is an engineer /doctor/lawyer/businessman. I'm 75 percent of the way there. BUT worried as to whether I can be doll enough. Sorry if this sounds ridiculous by the way but it's true

    • Please respond?

  • You're so shallow indian boy...

    • advice? this is all about genetics

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    • Tell me how to improve... from the inside?😅😅

    • When people say "accept yourself" to someone I feel like screaming. It's like telling someone to feel alright about being genetically inferior to ANYONE on this planet. Or universe. BIG NO NO in my head.

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  • yeah, ur that annoying indian guy, ur a 7-8/10 so good looking enough, i saw in some comment u said u were 5'11'' and that height doesn't matter beyond 5'9'' which makes it obvious ur about 5'10-5'11'', my best guess is 178-179 cm. U dont look like u have the body, i mean u have some face fat, so it doesn't seem possible. And even i get looked at a lot in real life but thats not a big deal in india where almost everyone is unfit, we have the best features but our fitness levels spoil it, so once ur under 20% body fat, ur considered good looking here. And NIT, until and unless its the top 3-4 one's not really much to brag about, here's being elaborate and honest :)

    • and francisco isn't as great looking as they make him, there are bollywood actors who are better looking than him