What should I do now?

I texted this guy saying "if you didn't wanna talk/hangout anymore you could've just said so" and he replied back saying " I never said that", I replied back saying " I know but it feels like it and I just didn't wanna bother you" and he didn't reply back since. The thing is me and this guy went on a date and he said he had a good time and stuff and that'd he like to hangout again but he messaged me since and when I ask him to hangout he said "hey sorry I can't I already have plans for tomorrow evening thanks for the invite tho" then that's what I said "if you didn't wanna hangout... etc" did I do the the right thing or what should I do? Oh he also never really talks to me either unless I message him first

  • You did the right thing (stop talking with him)
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  • You didn't do the right thing (apologiez and keep talking)
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  • he obviously not too interested or would be making 1st move. Move on xxx

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