Guys, what would help me more in this situation?

So I just want opinions on which would work best to get him back quicker. So no negative comments just advice :)

Him and I were seeing each other for 2 months and we have put things on hold while he gets his head sorted. It was my decision to walk away while he figures himself out and says he'll be in contact when he's ready for a serious relationship. We are finding it really hard not to speak or contact each other. The other day he messaged me and says he misses me and my company and today said I'm an amazing person.
More than anything today I wanted to message him and ask to come over for a hug and I know if I did he would have said yes but I decided not to because I don't want him to get use to having the best of both worlds. We are obsessed with each other but he's the type that won't be in a relationship with me unless he's 100%.

Would seeing him from time to time make him come back quicker or
Would not seeing or initiating contact with him make him miss me then come back quicker?

Sounds bizarre but which would you say?

  • Seeing him from time to time
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  • Not seeing or initiating contact
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  • Call him and say really what you think