Is it really my location that is the reason why I never found a good man?

I live in Texas and I am not originally from here

I was born in raised in Colorado but I never dated in Colorado because I left Colorado when I was 12

I use to do online dating but i stopped because the guys would put they only date white girls

I have also met guys in real life I have had guys text me telling me they don't date My race

I have only met two good guys and my ex turned out to be an asshole when he ignored me before dumping me through text message

I have only been in 2 relationships that did not last that long

If the guy was not racist then he was arrogant and if the guy was not arrogant then he was racist

I'm talking about real racism

The thing is most of my good guy friends who I find attractive are now in relationships and some even have kids

I ran into one of my high school friends yesterday

Second of all I don't even have a job so even if I wanted to move I can't

I can't even take care of myself financially

So of course I am my first priority


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  • I would put my financial security above dating for a while were I you.

    With that said it is clear to me from my short time in the gag community that the majority of men share my view and are not only open but eager to date outside of their own race.
    So what I can add is that men in general have nothing against it. Whether or not Texas is a more prejudiced area than average I would not know. Chin up. We're not all that bad.

    • I'm looking for a job first not a man

    • Apologies. I see you specified that and missing it was my bad.

      I know that Texas is a bit more conservative but to me, being Swedish, all of the U. S is a incredibly conservative and stuck up. Which is not meant as an insult but just a clarification of how different the countries are.

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  • I dated two guys when I lived in Texas. Thankfully, they were not racist, but one was very religious and too much for my taste. Are you in school? Maybe joining a club or finding a fun hobby might attract better like-minded guys to date. If you can get a job, I honestly would rather be financially stable before pursing a relationship.

    • Yea that's what I put in my details already
      I put i come first

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    • Most likely a foreigner who hate America down voted you

    • Yes, on the internet I have seen that. It's funny, since they've never even lived here and just assume things based on the media. I never had issues when I lived outside the US, though. Just on the internet.

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  • Here in New York there is every race! You'd probably have luck here as long as you are fairly social and like to talk and go out.

  • Yeah probably, Texas is a big state. Most would probably thinking they have to compete with foreigners, so they don't touch it, go further east of peninsula

  • You sound like my cousins girlfriend. She's originally from CO, and lives in TX, with him

    • Well I'm not your cousins girlfriend because I'm single

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  • Honestly Texas is supposed to be one of the best places to date because there are more single men there than women. I'd say you probably just need to rewrite your profile, put up a new picture, and try a new site.

    • I don't do online dating anymore

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    • You get what you put out from me. If I feel you are giving me attitude I will give it right back :)

    • ok get off my post, just because i checked your bad attitude does not mean my attitude is the problem with men

  • Most white guys in America don't date black girls. I'm not sure what Texas has to do with it.

    • I never said they were all white
      I'm not sure what made you jump to that conclusion unless you think only white men can be racist

      I also never said I was black lmao

    • you must have something against the black race if you assume ignorant things like that

    • you must have something against the black race if you assume that im black just because im not white

  • I don't think so...

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