Confused Friends with benefits or is it turning into something more?

Here goes the 4x time we have called off our friends with benefits ecapade. This guy knows i want more as in relationship wise and then he tells me "I am away from work to much and dont have time for a relationship" and then i decide to call it off, but in the meatime, i miss him so much and i fall for texting me back and of course he doesn't respond right away until 3 wks after tell me "Besides we are not seeing eachother anymore", then he responds with getting together within a week after that. hmm i am figuring that this young guy is confused about what he wants as he keeps saying in his texts when telling me good bye "you should be happy and find someone else, I think" and other times in his texts, he repeats himself 3 other times (I think) after telling me to look date other guys (I think).

But why does he keep texting me back if he knows i want a relationship?
I went to his place unexpectedly to pick up my dress and his guy friend was there, he invited me in (his friend looked rather suprised to me see me, so i said hi to him).
Why doesn't he block me on his cell (like i tell him to do)?
I know he reads my texts but doesn't respond but later on we talk about them when we see eachother.

I am messed up or either he is playing head/emotional games on me, by him showing me he cares through his actions and of course i know that guys pays attention and pleases their bed buddies and is very vocal in the bedroom as i am also.
he asks me what i've been doing the weeks that i'm not with him? Of course, i will be seeing him again within the next weekend or so again.

Been seeing this guy on and off for about 6 mths now.

((UPDATE)) The last time in December, i saw this guy he asks me What i figured? i wasn't sure what he was referring to then continued on saying - i"m thinking about it, it's just taking me a little time to figure things out. so he asked me what i wanted and with that I replied "i want you to be happy, your a great guy and you deserve the best", we kissed again and then hugged and then told me in return that he wanted me to be happy! I don't know what he meant by IT?


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  • He is just using you for sex when he wants some. He's playing games to make you be a source of NSA sex because he is unwilling to invest himself in anything real.


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  • It is clear as day. His needs were being met by your relationship but yours weren't. He is trying to be a good guy and do the right thing by telling you to move on because he won't give you what you want. What you want is not what he wants and he will never be able to give it to you.

    Move on find someone else who wants what you want. This is something you should be clear about by no later than the first few dates. You are looking for a relationship so don't date men who aren't or fall for things like lets just see where it goes.

    Seeing where it goes is a given. Just because you are both looking for a LTR doesn't mean you'll end up in one together but a man should be able to tell you that's his end goal. Best