Ladies, what are your dislikes and challenges with online dating?

Be as detailed as u wish, using personal examples and/or stories u have heard from female friends and female family members.

Please and thank you!


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  • For some reason, I've attracted a lot of crazy online.

    Some of my dates included:
    A crooked cop (it made the papers)

    A guy whose girlfriend (unknown at the time) started harassing me for months

    A guy with weird dick issues he text me about a lot

    A guy I dated & almost got married to who was so incredibly mindfucking that I didn't know truth from reality by the time it ended

    A guy who told a rape joke on our first date

    A guy who stuck his hand in my front pocket during dinner on our first date

    A guy who took 2 HOURS to end things with when we'd only been on three very casual dates



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  • I usually ghost a girl when it is pretty clear she puts zero effort in her emails. When I'm the only one asking questions and I get a short answer followed by 'you?', I just give up. I want to talk to a girl that can actually have a conversation and show just a little bit of interest in getting to know me.


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  • Easy.

    1) Guys who don't look like their profile pictures. Seriously, there was a guy who used a strong filter on his photo who looked like he was a white male with brown curly hair. It wasn't until I asked for a non-filtered photo of him, that I realized that he was Indian with straight black hair. I don't know how many filters he used to accomplish that.

    2. Guys who lie about their age. I was talking to a guy who seemed really nice. I'm only 18, and at the time he said that he was 21. No big deal. But his conversation topics were way more serious than mine ever were; he was talking about what house I would like to live in and other things I wouldn't even think about as a college student. It turns out he was 26.

    3. Guys who use sleazy pickup lines. I basically automatically deleted anyone who sent me one.

    4. Guys who just want a quick hookup. I feel like dating sites should have a filter that divides people who want a relationship and people that want to just have sex.

    5. Guys that live far away. I don't know why I got so many "admirers" from people that live no where near me. I just don't see what the point of that would be. If they think I'm going to hop on a plane to met someone off a dating site, they'll have another thing coming.

    • Most women won't openly advertise themselves as only looking for sex in order to avoid thousands of unwanted replies. Furthest they will usually go is to sign up on tinder.

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    • @MaskedSanity I don't know, worked for me. I guess in my case my capital letter drew their attention. Worth a shot, regardless.

    • @Mekkalyn

      I've been out of the game for nearly 4 years now and hope I don't have to deal with that kind of bullshit again, lol.

  • Dislikes:
    - Overly sexual first messages that borderline inappropriate or even just cross the line entirely

    - I really dislike that people basically base most of their like or dislike on people's pictures. Get to know me, and you will probably like me :P

    - How flakey people are. Sending 1 message then fading out or not even showing up for the date


    - Finding guys around my age
    - Finding guys close to me :P
    - Getting guys to reply!
    - Finding someone compatible on the site who is willing to give me a chance
    - Sifting through all of the profiles to find people who would actually be compatible for me :P

    • has age preference ever made a women happy in a relationship?

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    • Okay, maybe a decade was an exaggeration. But I've been on and off those sites since I was 18

    • Interesting. I had wonderful results on that site, which is why I always recommend it. Of course, that doesn't mean it'll work for everyone.

      The variety from online dating is nice. One day you'll find someone, I'm sure of it !

  • I hate that I don't know what they are thinking or if they even care... Sometimes I wonder if he talking about me or someone else... Sometimes it goes days without commincating its not like I can see he okay! I wonder!

    • Omg, have you ever had a guy talk to you about someone else ( and you clearly knew) then it made it awkward?

      I had a guy once ask me about a concert that some other girl he was talking to went to. He thought it was me who said it, and it just made the whole conversation awkward!

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    • I see what you're saying, but coming from a guys perspective, unless the girl is messaging us a lot or a decent amount, we limit our amount of messaging as texting too much is perceived as being clingy, overly interested, too attached.

  • I dont like that the guys who I click with the most live the furthest away. So to me, he and I have no chance.

    I also dont like that he may be flirting with other girls on there but have me thinking Im the only one

    All I know is if I was ever to meet a guy from online in person, I'd have all my girls by my side in case he tried to "try" some shit lol

    • If you want to get a guy, don't do that. Stick to public places. If you found your date brough all his bros you'd probably run for the hills too.

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    • A date is supposed to be intimate, always having to have a group of friends around to do stuff is some immature juvenile child shit, that should have been left behind back in high school.

      Taking one friend for safety is fine, but taking a legion of gal pals is excessive, and the dude will be turned off

    • Well, you probably shouldn't bring someone on a date...

      But you should tell everyone you're close to where you're going and meet in a public place. Don't make anything private.

      Or, if you're more comfortable, you should talk to the person and see if he's open to bringing a friend for the first meeting, and make it less of a date and more of a casual meet.

  • If you have seen the show Catfish you're likely to become very anxious about online dating. I don't like getting random messages from guys asking for sexy pics, or a hook up. I also don't like getting matched up with people extremely far away even if I've set a distance. Besides that, it's hard to actually meet someone because anyone can pretend to be someone online.

    • Honestly, though, from watching that show, all I saw was a bunch of ignorant and gullible people getting catfished... if you are smart about it, it won't happen to you.

      If I had a dime for how many people that were catfished let it slide that the person wouldn't webcam and/or pushed off meeting, I'd be rich.

  • Well I do not online date but I recently am trying tinder to see how it is though i know it is known in the U. S for like strictly casual but i think it is what you make it.
    So far I have been on for about a day and I think I do not like a guy giving me strong compliments so quickly. It sends a bit of a red flag

  • I hardly bother anymore. A bunch of horny random losers just interested in getting nudes. It's annoying.

  • I notice that most guys don't have game to approach girls in RL and I don't like that but the variety is good because most I don't meet since I only interact with my small social circle

  • Meeting a men who can easily become attached to you... and if it doesn't work out... you just won a stalker..-_-'

    • lol nice generalization. Most people are not like that.
      Of course, there's always that chance. But you can just as easily get a stalker in person, too.

      I did talk to a guy that got overly attached and it really creeped me out. Like after the first day of talking he was already talking about meeting up in a hotel room... on the second day he was talking about getting married, and he kept pressuring to see me and telling me how much he loved me and wanted sexy pics... and I was just really disturbed so I called it off and he kept messaging me and he said he'd find out where I was and come see me... but after like a few scary days he left me alone and moved on.

    • @Mekkalyn Wow... i wouldn't have been able to stay alone at home i'm happy he let you go. (sorry for my english)

    • I've had women do the same. In fact there was one who I didn't even meet in person who was already displaying clingy behaviors that I ended up not meeting with her. For example, she sent a text one day saying that it took hours for her receive my texts on her phone when she'd message me when I was busy. And when I finally moved into my apartment, I had mentioned it to her and she's like oh I can't wait to see your apartment, let me know if you need help moving in. That creeped me out a little bit.

  • Online guys are worse than the ones you meet in real life. They send the same scripted messages to every girl in attempt to cast a wide enough net to have a steady rotation of sex. I don't know why they call it online "dating" it should be called online fucking because that's all they seem to want to do.

  • The overwhelming messages whenever I logged on wasn't good exactly. Most were direct "Wanna f*ck?" so that was easy to dismiss. There were a few guys I genuinely enjoyed talking to and wanted to meet up. A couple got distant after they asked me to meet them and we were trying to find a place. Then they just disappeared.

    The two I met in person were nice, but there wasn't any physical chemistry. One guy said I remind him too much of his sister, so that was a bit awkward but we laughed. The other guy wanted to have sex really early on and I told him I couldn't, I wasn't ready. No hard feelings though, so we both moved on.

    I guess the challenging thing was navigating through messages (I got over 100 messages a day if I was shown as online). I would have liked to have found someone understanding of how I feel about sex, because I do understand theirs but I cannot do it on early dates. They are strangers still to me and just can't make myself do something I'm not comfortable with.

  • I haven't really had luck there's always some bs about meeting up. Like now im suppose to be in a long long-distance"relationship" but he keeps flaking t o meet. But acts like the world ended if i don't say i love u back.


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  • I just want a sugar daddy who has a handsome face and has some good qualities and some bad boy qualities and no dad bod ^_^

  • I'm not a girl but yes, I run into the same problems as well, particularly ghosting. Why put an effort out there then when someone show interest, go away? Seems like a waste of time

  • Watch creepy text theater on YouTube.