How do I start dating?

After a few years of thinking (and saying) I don't want to be single anymore or it would be great if I had a girlfriend, I have decided that this year I will definitely start dating. The only problem that remains is that I don't know how to get started. I don't really have anyone i'm interested in at the moment and I suck at talking to new people (especially girls).

I have never had a girlfriend. I made a move once, asking someone out but that didn't work.
Seriouslt this question was expected to get more answers.


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  • This was so me! But then I got a fulltime job, car, rent house etc... And it just changes you and makes you talk to more people (even if you don't like them) it also teaches you to go for it, if you want things done, do it yourself, and mistakes actually don't happen as much as you expect.

    I actually found a great girl on here, she is going to come up to Canada in the summer, but I found a girl that just kissed me (2nd date) and even though it was just a peck on the cheek, it was still my first kiss, it's been 3 days and im still pumped about it lol. I found her on tinder

    I know it sounds really cleche (lol?) but try doing the things in the first paragraph first, then they will come.

  • Don't worry, I've been trying to do that since about 7th grade, and now I'm in 13th grade. Still have no idea.

    • Okay, whenever I open these kinds of questions in a new tab, girls have never answered. What the fuck girls, I'm pretty sure your opinion of this shit could be more helpful. WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO.

    • Some answers from girls would be appreciated.