He didn't wish me a happy valentines day?

My boyfriend and i are Longdistance and last year he didn't even text me on valentines day. He didn't call either he just seemed to not care. Ik he was working that day. He's a waiter/bartender at a lounge so I'm not sure if maybe he was just busy as he usually is with work but I felt a little hurt that he didn't wish me. Even with new years I have to wish him first or on my birthday I have to remind him that it's my birthday. And then he'll wish me a happy birthday and call me to spend time with me. But its like i feel lonely. And when I bring it up to him he apologises and tries a little harder for a while or he'll reassure me I'll not feel lonely again but somehow I do. He wasn't always like this. In the first few months he was always calling and texting and seeing if I'm okay and now I can tell him I'm sick and its like he's not bothered. I don't know if it's that he's just really comfortable in the relationship or what coz he tells me he loves me and he sounds so genuine.


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  • he got complacent. time to move on.

    • Move on? But I love him and he loves me

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    • has either visited so far?

    • Yeah he visited me

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  • He's comfortable. From what I've learned (I've also been in a LDR), boys don't care about that stuff. I don't mean that in a mean way, but they don't view the cutesy little stuff like us women do. He should remember your birthday at least, but the little texts here and there don't mean anything. They're more of a actions over words type of species, haha. I know it's hard because you don't get to see each other as much, but just have patience. He clearly loves you and that should be enough. Those are just texts that take two seconds to type, it's the moments you spend together that mean the most.

    • Ik what you mean and I do understand that it's probably just this but if you see the other opinion he said that my man doesn't love me. Now he forgot my birthday but when I reminded him he felt bad for forgetting. He used to care whether I'd text or not but that was early days. I don't know if it's now that he's so sure I won't leave that he's gotten too comfortable

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    • Okay, now I have to agree with the guy's comment. You're in denial and you don't want to accept it. I know because I've been in your shoes. Once you realize it, you'll be better off. He's telling you these things to keep you around. You say you genuinely believe him... that's because he seems to very manipulating. His behavior is manipulative behavior. You deserve better.

    • Nope coz these are things I've considered and asked him straight out and asked him continuously just to be sure. Why would he kept me around if he didn't love me? I've asked and doubted him so many times and he's sworn he loves me and it jot the case that he's string me along. I'm not in denial because I've been hurt in the past so I'm wary of these things

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