Why did he act this way? was he intimidated?

This guy... i swear he hates on me for no reason, he asked me out but was constently undermining me, my degree, my life, my hobbies, my interests, me abilities. So because of that i was put off and rejected him sex, he tried 4 times afterwards and constantly felt like he needed to compete with me, was he intimidated by me? he thought i was absolute breathtakingly gorgeous, i just think im average looking and i am not focused on my looks... fastfoward, he is dating someone else now and she isn't that pretty... to say the least. Why did he decided to treat her right and not me?


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  • Sounds like my ex boyfriend.

    Not so much intimidated, but most guys like to feel superior and if you're great at things that he's not great at that he feels he SHOULD be great at, he's going to do everything in his power to put you down and make you feel like crap for doing something that he can't do.

    For example, my ex boyfriend HATED the fact that I went to college and was getting a degree. Never had any valid argument. He would always say, "A degree isn't going to get you anywhere." When in reality, deep down, he never went to college because he was lazy and slacked off. So I was becoming more successful than he was and he HATED it. He did everything in his power to put me down for EVERYTHING.

    Honestly hun, you're better off without a guy like that. You'll find someone who respects you, your hobbies and the fact that you are a smart girl and doing something with your life. Someone who has all the same things as you. Someone who won't compete, and if he doesn't know how to do something, won't be afraid to ask you or learn with you! Good luck, girl!

  • I have no clue... I think he was confused and probably only want sex~

  • Because you were too much for him. He tried to lower you as a woman so as a man he could feel higher. Men do this to women they're intimidated by and feel like they're not good enough for. He's treating the other girl better because he knows he's the better one (smarter, successful, etc) in the relationship. He's comfortable with a lesser woman.