A guy telling me he likes me but in the long run definitely doesn't want a relationship but says we are more than friends so is contradicting himself?

I've been talking to him for about 4 weeks and it was going good but out of the blue he's said it moving too fast and he knows he doesn't want a relationship. He contradicts himself by saying he still likes me and wants to speak to me but as he knows i like him back this rules out any friends with benefits scenario as he clarified we were more than friends. No idea whats going on any take on this situation would be so helpful :') Thanks

I've slept with him once and he said he should have told me this before we slept together and that he feels like a dick, i just don't think he would use me


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  • Honestly, he's hoping to have sex with.
    Sorry if that's blunt, but I don't think you should be lied too either.
    sorry it sucks

  • He probably doesn't see a future with you


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