Why is it always the same thing on dating sites?

I find a girl I like, message them for a couple weeks and ask to meet. They say yes. But 24 hrs before the date cancels on me and gets mad when I ask why they cancel or never talk to me or even stand me up. Other girls talk to me for about one sentence then ignore me. Those are the ones that always complain on why no one talks to them. When I talk to them they ignore me. Both of these problems are very annoying. :(


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  • That is dating. The first girls just want the dream of some one liking them usually so they can brag about it. Often they are using it as a cover to not really date. they feel that they need to and thier friends them them to get out there. Most women online have no real intention of meeting a guy in real life.
    There are always rare gems in the mix.