Where can I find a guy like this?

There is this youtuber who went on a trip to youth ministry in alaska, she is originally from California but she met this guy who she became friends with at his church in alaska.

He taught her how to play the drums. They were friends for 4 years and he proposed to her at disneyland.

she says she asked God for this but she was surprised.

They never dated each other before they got married and they wanted to wait to kiss until the wedding day because she says kissing can lead to stuff.

They go out on dates of course as a married couple


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  • O girl all I can say is to pray and have fiath God will send you a good man just for you. In addition to prayer you need to act on faith which means you need to date and expect. You can't just wait around for a great guy. true it happened but rarely.
    Just be careful because often with guys they need encouragement to ask a girl out. many Christain guys have been hurt trying to date girls in the church. Like my friend Dim on here he cause seem to get a break and any girl he tries asking out is never friendly with him again. Apparently trying to date female friends is not as good of an idea as the adults and pastors say.
    Be open about your wanting to date let people know about it and you probably will be asked if you want to try going on a few blind dates. Try some and see how you like it.
    Good luck in your search and you never know you might be friends already with your future love. I was with my girlfriend.


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