Ex seems to have MAJORLY downgraded to slutty/cheap kinda girls... wut?

When we got together, he told me he used to fall for girls who were bad news (trust me, they were all kinds of crazy). Through meeting me, he decided he wanted change and to be with a 'nice girl'. And so, we gave it a shot.

Anyway, he'd always swear against getting back with any of these kinda girls ever again. And genuinely, I took his word. Either way, we ended up splitting.

Since then, he's fluctuated in interested between two girls who appear to be bad news.

The first is covered in tattoos and piercings. Every second word is a swear word, she's completely fake looking, no social graces, lacks feminist and is a major slut who has a habit of sleeping around. Recently, he's been paying her quite a bit of attention.

Then there's the second girl who still lives in the 'emo era'. She's 26, still got a silly nose ring, lip piercing and got horrid tattoos everywhere. She also had a baby when she was 18 and has had more boyfriends than hot dinners since giving birth. Most weekends are spent drunken while the kid is shipped of to his dad's. Not only that, but she had a video of herself online as a cam girl.

Either way, these are EXACTLY the type of girls who have caused him pain in the past. I just don't get why on earth he'd be rebounding with one of these kinds of people?

I ask this question because I'm genuinely worried for his wellbeing :/


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  • It's the same reason girls like the "Bad boys", the excitement and/or wild sex. He might be a Masochist like most girls who fall for guys that treat them like shit?

    • Yeah you have a point there? Although he verges more to being a 'feminist' he's definitely not into the masochism thing. Which is why I just don't get it.

    • I guess he has some kind of fetish for the "LOOK" , or just like the slut factor... like most guys.

    • Maybe. And yeah perhaps he is just into the slut factor after all.

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  • Some people just have a certain "type" that no matter what, they always seem to gravitate towards. It could be the people he meets through his own social circle that he has created for himself. If he hasn't put himself in a position to meet different types of women, then that's probably why.

    Ultimately though, you aren't with him anymore so I don't think you have any place to be too concerned with who he is seeing now. I'm not saying that to be rude so I hope you don't take it that way. I'm just saying that he's going to be with whoever he wants to be with and you two are no longer together so there's really no point in you worrying about who he chooses to spend his time with. If you two are still on good terms then you can, of course, express your concerns if they are genuine but I doubt it will really change his mind.

    • Thanks. You're right totally. And he does always seem to naturally gravitate towards broken people. Not meaning to sound conceited but I think I'm the only normal girl he's ever been with. The whole lot of his exes were all absolutely nuts :/

      You're right. It's not my place to worry... I guess I'm just a worrier. He lost his mum and dad before we got together and his relationship with dad growing up had never been good. So I guess I'm worried this just messes him up even more. He's a very damaged guy. But I guess there's not much I can do.

    • Yeah, and all of that is totally understandable. Even if you aren't together anymore, it's normal to worry about those we care about and being broken up, doesn't suddenly mean you stop caring about someone. For some reason, it just happens that some people are attracted to those who are "broken." Maybe it's because of some of their own issues they may have in their life (or past). It sucks that it didn't work out with you two but hopefully, he'll be able to realize that these other types of women are not good for him and maybe he'll find someone else who is.

    • I am a worrier by nature as it is, and I tend to really care about everyone in my life. Like, if I choose to have them in my life... then it's because I really care for that person. At the end of the day it's hard to put all of that to the side. It does suck that it didn't work, I just can't help but think I really should have done more to make it work. And yeah, if he's going to find anyone, I wish he'd find a girl who's at least not going to cause him more grief. I can hope from a distance I suppose :/

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  • Rebounds don't tend to last so he probably figures he can have some fun to get over you and then get on with his life.

    • You think? Then whys he telling me he's not interested in sex with other people and all the rest. Also, these girls... oh dear they'll break his heart worse than I ever did.

  • Overstepping your bounds much?

    This isn't your problem now. Live and let live.


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  • Some people are just drawn to toxic relationships.

    • Maybe that's it :/

    • My ex is like this too. We had a toxic relationship and I left him. He claimed that he'd never get over me, never see anyone again, and that I'd be sleeping around with everyone. I've been in a healthy 2 year relationship and he's had stints of month long relationships with teen moms, known cheaters, and druggies. I am so grateful for getting away from someone like that.

    • I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Cheaters, teen Mum's etc are EXACLTY who he's drawn to. Whereas, I'm just a plain, normal girl. I guess I'll look back and be thankful for our break up eventually.

  • For his ego, so he can feel like he can still score girls easily after ur split.

  • Don't get me wrong but if I were you I would leave that guy befeore something happens bad to me. It isn't bad to be selfish sometimes. It's just surviving instead. What if it could lead to your own death? Why should you care about it? It's his life, it's his choice, it's his heart. Not like you can control it.

    • Yeah I guess you're right! Wise words. I just care about him and worry, but I guess the only person getting hurt in the long run, is me to be honest.

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    • Yeah, being lectured by a kid?

    • Um? I was a teen once too. Don't get me wrong, at times you can have a lot to learn but some things can be insightful.