Why do people stay in crapy relationships?

I have two friends. One male one female. Both are in crappy relationships. My female friend says her boyfriend is an a**hole and a psycho. My male friend says his girlfriend hits him, treats him like crap, and is selfish among other things. Why do people stay in relationships like these? I've had a not so good girlfirend before and I left. To me it's simple. If I'm not getting treated properly why stay? I'm not the only one telling thes two to leave either. They just won't listen.

Don't say that love conquers all cause it doesn't


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  • Because many people are afraid of being alone and of facing the unknown. They know their relationship sucks but they stick it out because it's familiar and they settle for the few good times.


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  • I suppose they just don't have the strength and courage to do what it takes to come out of that bad relationship

    • question is closed so ill answer here.

      1. detachment is too painful and is a long process
      2. the pain drives them to have delusions
      3. comfort of having someone there... selfish reasons often disguised as i m trying or he needs help
      4. comfort of easy sex
      5. years are wasted and after you can't further deny or be around, breakup finally happens.