Do I tell him I love him even if he probably doesn't love me back?

Alright, so this might sound stupid. I guess its just how you look at it, but here it is. I've liked one of my guy friends for almost as long as I've known him (1 1/2 year). I don't know when I realized I love him, just that I do. And he claims to like me too. Bit he when I asked if there's a chance of anything ever happening, he told me this: " You know I like you too, but we're hurting each other and ourselves. I'm sorry, I don't want to do this to you, but I think we should end this now." He's known I've liked him for at least 6 months. I told him to his face. And he told me he didn't like me back, but nothing in our relationship changed. In fact, we got closer. And I don't know if this means anything, bit he kissed me a month later, and the day after that be kissed me again. We've always been flirty and sarcastic with each other, even when texting. I've more comfortable with him than even some of my family yet i still get those damn butterflies when you're with someone you like. I don't know if he told me he liked me because that was easier than saying he didn't. But I can't walk away and move on without saying everything I have to say.

Nothing has ever felt more right, than telling him. But everyone can be wrong. Just let me know what ya think. Thanks.


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  • follow your heart , and tell him
    better do it and stop wondering "what if"
    If he said no , then move on (it will kind of awkward at the first place but then if your friendship was solide enough , you'll be more close and u will not lose him as a friend)

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