What is it going to take to get a lady friend?

It's weird to think that in a couple years I'll be 30. I have a good job at a good company, a fairly cool car (I'll be riding this one out and then buy a really nice car when the time comes), nice clothes, good personality, good friends, good family, and the sad thing is, I've never ever had a girlfriend.

What is it going to take? I could be in a bit better shape and more built but I don't think I'm to the point where it's going to make or break someone liking me or not. I'm about to sign up at a local gym anyway. Hehe


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  • Okay, so what if you have never had a girlfriend? that's not weird at at least not according to me. Just enjoy your life as it is right now. If you are already trying towards getting a date then keep trying but don't try too hard, and most importantly don't be desperate, because desperation is an unattractive and it will surely put women off.

    Hence just take it easy

  • Damn man, almost a wizard!

    You should literally just try socializing with more women I guess. That's the only way.