Does he like me part 1?

okay so there is a boy that I/like hat I have known for quite some time, since 2nd grade we have been friends he had always been very flirty but the first few years I didn't notice we use to wrestle outside together and call each other names my best friend at the time had a huge crush on him and when she noticed we were friends she asked me to take her with me to go play with him. the day I did that she was sad and said he didn't like her and he liked me me at the time was like ewww because to me he was nothing less than a dodo monster (lol)(also he would often ask me, only me to wear my bracelts for th day even when it was to small he forced ot on his hand ) the next day he introduce himself t my mom like a gentleman but I was embarrassed because he wouldn't go and h was always obnoxious to me. The next year one of his friends asked me if I wanted to date him I told the boy no ( because my friend liked him Even though I now had a crush on him but she did not know) the next day his friend ask out my boyfriend for him I was happy for her even though they were dating he continuened to flirt with me and talked to me way more than he talked to her but I stayed loyal to my friend and did my best to support the relationship. Eventually in 5 grade she started to bully me once she found out I like him back in 3rd and 4th by 6th grade I started to like him again but he went out my new friend t back and forth whenever he asked her out he would talk to me for a long time and then he would one day say.***I need to ask you a question... can u ask T out for me? Of course I did but they never spoke to each other when they were dating in fact one time he forgot they were and when she broke up with him he said what do you mean we weren't dating.. In the end of the school year he asked me out by note I told him no once again because my friend liked him and when I walked over to the table he was sitting at he said it was a prank because he was claiming he could get any girl but they

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  • tell him how you feel.


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