I deleted this guy I was dating on Facebook/other social media. Did I do the right thing?

Basically, I was dating this guy for a while. He would disappear/reappear on me. He never called back because he was playing his video game and he admit it. The last thing he said to me on the phone was I had sex with my coworker and it was great. I sarcastically laughed and he said he wasn't joking and I was silent and upset. Then he started laughing and said he was joking. I told him it wasn't funny even if it was a joke etc. anyways, I didn't hear back from him the next few days. He was in LA on New Years and I saw his snap story. He was with this girl. They were at Disney land. It was only them two. They didn't kiss or held hands but they were very close. I was a little suspicious but I told myself that it's not a big deal/they're just friends but then I saw snap story videos of them being in a hotel together. it was definitely border line to me... he didn't even text me so I was like nope, I can't. So I deleted him from all social media but he texted me at night saying he was coming back from la and wished me a happy new year. He sent me this before he realized I deleted him from all social network. He then unfollowed me on Twitter. I texted him that I saw his snaps and they were hurtful and he said which one? Disney land, the party, or the hotel? I don't understand why you're jealous. She's just a friend. I'm sorry if you thought that way. I was so angry I just started texting him that is not considered as an apology etc. I didn't get any response from him. So the last thing I texted him was saying look, if you don't want me to contact you just tell me. I got nothing until the next day he texted me saying you are being completely unreasonable. I didn't do shit with my friend and the reason why I didn't respond because I was tired and there is no point in arguing with you. That's all I got from him and I didn't respond.


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  • yes you did.


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