Should a guy be persistent to date a girl?

I have always stood by my opinion that I should never ask a particular girl out more than once. If she rejects me, I should move on, rather than being persistent and come off as a creep. Also, I certainly feel that a girl is either attracted to me, or she isn't. there is no middle path, so a no remains a no. Needless to say, my dating life has been quite unremarkable with this approach, and my success rate of getting ‘yes’ from girls has bene pretty poor.

But there are so many girls who have actually told me that they began dating guys who were persistent, because they lacked this confidence of the guys to 'get what they want' at any cost. I have also heard from guys that they managed to get a girl to date them after repeated attempts.

So what exactly is the thing here? Should a guy be persistent, or should he just move on after he is turned down?

I need more answers please!


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  • Well I believe in second chances. But Im not so sure if 3rd time is the charm. Like if a guy tried to get with me one year (and it didn't work) and then he attempted to ask me out again 2 years later, then thats a good gap. However, if he was still rejected 2 years later, then I wouldn't even waste by time asking a 3rd time if I were him

    • Ok, I get it. So you mean to say, if I am rejected by a girl, I should keep approaching other girls for a year or two, and then come back to this girl for the 2nd and final time, to see if she has changed her mind. Would this approach work?

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    • Anytime man

    • Thanks for mho

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