Girls, When you are very sexually attracted to a random guy you just met, what word would you use to call him?

Would you use "cute" or any other words in particular?


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  • Cute to me is more associated with a bit of dorkiness that I find adorable... I'm not sure there really is a word to describe a guy I just find sexually attractive... Some girls I guess might tell you how 'hot' you are or make them feel, or call you sexy... But I don't think I'd actually verbalized it to you.. I'd think 'damn' and move on with my life - sexual attraction doesn't mean anything important

    • Thank u. What is the difference according to you, when you call a guy "Hot" vs "Handsome" ?

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    • yes, plus that connection on a deeper level - -- this is just me personally, girls out there do think differently

    • true. When you say a guy is "Hot" what do you think of?

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