Do you think its normal to think this way after one date?

I wasn't 100% certain about going on a date with this guy, but I decided to go with no expectations. I had so much fun, it so easy to talk to him and I found myself drawn to him. Anyway since then I've been thinking about him sexually quite Bit. I know that nothing sexual with happen for a long time, if ever. I just find myself daydreaming about him randomly.

Is this normal?


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  • Sure, it could be. At least, you're not going to waste your time with this guy.


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  • daydreaming is normal. Sexual fantasies are normal.

    But, why will nothing sexual happen with him anytime soon?

    • I have a big imagination, but if I'm honest I could be described as frigid. I lack experience and struggle to let my guard down.

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    • Thanks so much. That's where I went wrong with my last relationship, I didn't let him in or give him an explanation. He thought I wasn't interested in him when really this wasn't the case at all.

      I have spoken to this new guy about being unexperienced and he seemed unbothered by it. Since then things have progressed and we have been quite touchy feely with each other (this is so out of character for me but it just came naturally) and we've kissed.

    • glad I could help :-) thanks for MHO!

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  • That's awesome, but don't force the issue and just let this plausible relationship grow in time yeah?

    • Of course. I know one date doesn't guarantee anything.

  • 100% normal of course.


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