Should I let him pursue me?

My coworker looks like my ex except he's much taller. I dumped my ex 2year ago after he was cheating on me. Turns out now I have a crush on this guy at work. We talk when we get the chance and he's always so sweet to me. I just feel awkward dating someone who looks like my ex. I feel people are going to say well your not over him and even my own ex will say that.

Something else is that he's 23 and I'm 28.


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  • Probably because of that. It seems you are not over your ex and it is obvious you think about your ex (reminds you) whenever you look to that guy. It can cause problems in the future. It won't be a healthy relationship. Either you must love this guy because of who he is, not the person he is similar to, or let him go and wait until you almost completely get over your ex.

  • If you feel comfortable


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