Guys, When can you feel exclusive?

Hi I've been dating a guy over the last couple of months. We get on great and see each other usually once a week maybe twice. We have said we will just enjoy each other's company and see how things go. He has said I'm perfect for him in personality and looks and likewise it's the same for me. The question I have is that we met on a dating site, now early doors another guy was texting me but we never met, this was the same time as me dating my current guy. I'm not in contact with any other guy now as I like this guy and we have now been intimate. The question I have is that he is on whatsapp a lot and just wondering if he is still dating others or having chat with them. It is early days, he's a free agent so to speak so don't want to start laying stuff down to him. Has anyone experience of this? I guess no one can honestly know and I don't want to seem clingy by asking him. My insecurity stems from ex boyfriend who was cheating on a dating site. Thanks


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  • For me personally. When things begin to get physical I am going to want to know where things are going and how someone feels about me personally

    • Thanks yes that's how I feel. It is just not wanting to seem like I am being clingy by asking.
      Anyway I have now asked the question. He said he knew the reason why I'd asked if he was dating others, because he's busy and can't see me very much. I said no that's not the reason it's because I like to know I'm the only one you're involved with now we are intimate. Plus he had logged back in his dating profile after a month so made me feel he's back on the lookout. This all happened yesterday. I'm waiting to hear back from him whether he's still looking for others but he did say he was only seeing me.
      I hate this dating lark it's so hard, particularly when you think everything's going well to see someone back on a dating site...