Does it mean anything when you constantly see things that remind you of a crush?

its a long story, but... last time i saw this woman was march 2014. ever since, for the two months after march 2014, i saw people wearing clothing of the college she went to. while at work, off work... and i drive for a living, so... cars with license plate frames of her school, people wearing t shirts in random places of her school... i went to a country club and the maintenance guy was wearing a jacket of her school... thing slike that. right now in december-i was ice skating with my sister... suddenly, this lady asks me and noone else to hep her ice skate. ok, i tell her im not good at it, but she says,''ive seen you skate, you're good, teach me'', so i go aong with it... long story short, at the end, she initiates in giving me her contact info... her work/business card... guess what? its the same place where the woman i last saw in march 2014 works at. literally, the exact same building across the country. sh e starts by teelin gme she does research for a living in los angeles... i dont think anything of it... point is, i keep coming across things like this. what are the chances of me and this lady meeting and what a coincidence... does this mean anything?

any past experiences would help. thanks.


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  • that you love her.