Does it mean anything when a guy asks a girl if she's ever been in love?

I'm 21 and I've known this guy for about ten years. We first met through a friend at summer camp but forgot about each other. A few years later, we met again through another friend in high school. We became the best of friends, super close and knew each other better than anyone. We always had a crush on each other but were both too afraid to say anything. We eventually fell out and didn't speak for years.

Now I'm a junior in college and we've recently reconnected. We've been in contact for the past 6 months and talk all day everyday. He just asked me if I've ever been in love. Does that mean anything?

I have been in love and still am, with him. Why would he ask this? Could he feel the same way?

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  • super fucking cute man. go tell him you cute little babe.


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