What do I say? Time is ticking down?

My guy friend said the only reason he hasn't asked me out is because he knows I won't say yes and if that changes I should tell him.

The thing is I'm turning 18 in 3 months and he's 16 so If I want to go out with him, I have to say so before that. I am stuck between telling him "I don't think it would work because I suck at emotions" and "Everyone thinks we are, so why not?"

I've noticed that I get upset when he asks me to hook him up with other girls, even if he's joking, and I'm happier around him than I am with any of my other guy friends. I don't think of him as a sibling like i do the rest of my friend, everything's just different with him and it confuses me.


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  • He likes you and you like him plus it sounds like you guys have a great chemistry together you should totally date.