Girls, Online dating sites: The dearth of respondents from 50% of the population. Why is that?

Zoosk. match. com, eHarmony, and the myriad 'dating' sites, all admit to having this problem, a problem that does not seem to be improving.

They've noticed an interesting trend in their service websites, in that the majority of messages/contacts/conversations are initiated my males (to females) and almost all go unanswered by the latter. eHarmony even admitted in a New Yorker article (this was a long time ago) that 90% of contacts/conversations are rejected/ignored.

Is there a specific reason for such a high rejection rate? Often these dating sites are reluctant to provide answers to such complaints from customers.

Is it too many respondents? Too few respondents? A lack of time? Or just plain disinterest?


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  • That's a part of life. You're never going to get an 100% response rate from anyone.