How hard do you think it would be for me to establish a singles club?

There's more than enough demand for one in my community- but I don't have anyone to help me. I have no real friends to begin with, and no social contacts who'd want to be associated with it- and I know of far too many former peers who I'd never want to be associated with it in a million years. There's nowhere I could turn to find someone who'd aid me in my efforts or spread the word. Is any venture of this nature doomed to crash & burn if the founder isn't popular enough, if he doesn't have a good enough rep, and if he's working solo to begin with?

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  • Pretty hard- success not guaranteed
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  • In my opinion, if you put the effort in to establish the "club", it should be able to work out. I wouldn't however expect anything major to happen instantly. You have to spend time on it. Nothing is completed in a day, and some things take years, if not longer. If you really want to achieve this, go for it, there's nothing to stop you.