Guys, do u prefer blond or brunette girls?

Blond or brunette girls?
and what is ur hair color and eyes?

  • i am blond, blue eyed guy-I LIKE BLOND GIRLS
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  • i am brunette guy with dark eyes -I LIKE BLOND GIRLS
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  • i am blond, blue eyed guy-I LIKE BRUNETTE GIRLS
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  • i am brunette guy with dark eyes -I LIKE BRUNETTE GIRLS
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  • i am blond, blue eyed guy-I LIKE RED HEAD GIRLS
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  • i am brunette guy with dark eyes -I LIKE RED HEAD GIRLS
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  • What if someone is a cross between a blonde and brunette?

    • If you don't use her poll, she will dislike your comment/answer. Her poll is directed strictly for guys with blond or brunette hair; not guys in general.

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  • My hair black and i like brunette

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    • Anyway, I have black hair, dark isn't a color and eyes was too vague within that sentence. I didn't fall in any of the choices, you provided in the men category so I didn't cast any vote, but when you tell this guy to use your poll (Sorry if this wasn't you: You also disliked his answer because he commented versus using your poll?), clearly you didn't read what he said and clearly you didn't review your own work. Perhaps in the future just simplify to a 1 question: 2 choice type poll if you want to be specific then do some research before first you post. Next time don't be so reactive, I wasn't trying to ridicule to begin with. You're rudeness made me respond in kind.

      Guys, do you like women with blond or brunette hair?
      A - Blonde
      B - Brunette
      No additional comments needed. Adding guys into the mix was irrelevant to your studies.

      Anyway, enough said. Have a good day.

    • @Baggz i didn't read, go waste someones else time, troll

  • my hair is black i have brown eyes and i prefer brunettes

  • I like that black hair color on white girls with those blue eyes, I'm blonde blue eyed guy myself but I just love that contrast

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