Do you see yourself dating a feminist?

Okay i thought about this whole equality situation and some women looking down on women roles in our community and they think that to be respected you have to be a man and traditional female roles are dumb and degrading ( they are not ) and i've decided that iam not interested in such BS in my life so i dont want to date a girl who identifies herself as feminist , they are dumb , a headache and have unrealsitic views and degrade men and woman , they dont want to clean, cook, take care of kids, do the house chores or any woman realted things because they believe its degrading ( its really not , all guys need their moms and wives its a fact ) so i decided that i want a feminine female who embraces her femininity and doesn't act like a dude , if this offends you remember its my own opinion and you dont have to agree... so what do you think?
Do you see yourself dating a feminist?
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