How Could I Have Been So Stupid?

I was friendzoned by a girl earlier in the year. Then she recontacted me, we went on a group meal, she told me she'd miss me while i was away on hols so when i came back i gave her a bottle of wine as a gift from holidays.
She asked me to a festival, i agreed, then she said we'd get a group going. She allowed me place my hand on her knee but when it came to a kiss she freaked out. I was going to give up on her but then she emailed and said she was getting a hard time from some girls from on her team so i meet up with her and we'd a good chat.
I was good to her when there was a death in her family when she came back to work. I was going to a football game, i was telling her about it and got the hint she wanted to come so i got her a ticket, we'd a drink or two after it and then went our separate ways.
then i got 2 tickets for a comedy, she agreed to go to it with me, we'd a bit to eat before hand then went our separate ways.
I wasn't going to the Christmas party but she said she'd get her man in the end to me and winked. Leaving we hugged i said goodbye and we must do this again. She reminded me loads of time as she wasn't changing jobs till later this month.
i was going on a city break and we arranged to meet up for a coffee after it. I surprised her with chocolates. she was truly surprised and loved them. Then we are arranged to meet up on new years day nite and she said we'd be in touch during the Christmas break. So we meet up, We went to one bar had a few drinks, then we went to another with a bit of music. Again after a while i got to put my hand on her lap and then move my fingers around her elbow. At the end of the nite i said to her does she fancy doing this again, she said yeah maybe in a few weeks. I then said do you want a proper date? she then said oh i thought we were just friends. i said fair enough, we said good bye in the taxi and hugged. We've spoken since but she isn't as warm she had been before i asked. How could i have been so silly to misread the signals?


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  • Move on. She's not your priority, she shouldn't have been your priority for a while now. Keep her as just a friend if you think it's any good but burn any idea of starting a real romantic relationship with her and move on.

    TL;DR - Pick yourself up and move on.


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  • it just happens man. move on.

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