Longdistance: Should I accept he doesn't have time?

We met travelling and live in two different parts of the country. We've stayed in touch for four months now, and we were gonna meet up when he returned back home. I pushed for a date, but he got a new job starting just as he returned, and only have one day off a week. He said he needed time to figure out how to make me happy, but that he really wanted to see me, and soon.
Our contact has been the same after, but then I pushed for a date again, saying if he would be able to take some time off, or if i could come see him. And he hasn't responded.
Should I text? And what? I just really want to see him, and see if our chemsitry is still the same - I don't know how long he expects me to wait...


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  • Long distance is challenging. Texts are ok for filling in the gaps, but to have any chance of success you need more personal communication. Call him. Voice is a stronger bond than text. Better yet, Skype. Video chat is stronger than voice only. Do a Skype date where guys watch a movie together or something. You'll have to talk often to keep the spark alive.

    Also, what is your long-term plan? Do you and he have a plan for how/when you will be living in the same city?


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