Was he playing me? Is he worth it?

I met this guy at work. This guy kept showing signs that he liked me and everyone around us said "N likes you. It's so clear." They all thought we were perfect for each other. I liked him as well and he confessed he had a crush on me and asked me out on a date. I accepted.

Over the weeks I learnt more stuff about him. He said he's a "physical person and if a girl doesn't get intimate it means she doesn't like him." I then asked him what he saw in me. He said "Oh I didn't really like you, it was only after I asked you out that I started to like you more." That made me more confused because before he asked me out, everyone said he was showing clear signs of interest.

Then I noticed that every time I talked to he would say "this girl is soooo hot and pretty." He always did that right in front of my face. I felt upset and told him I didn't like it as it was disrespectful. I thought it was better to be honest and open to him. He then talked about his past relationships and said "oh yea, I slept with them!" It seemed like he was bragging about sex and the way he said it made it seem like those women were trophies and nothing more. I honestly felt sorry for his exes. Then he told me about the times he went to strip clubs. I was shocked but tried to keep an open mind. His reason for going was: "I tread light and dark all the time. It's kind of like being in a war torn country. I like to experience stuff"- YES, that was his reason for going to a strip club. I told him that is the most stupid reason and he said "your head is filled with nonsensical thoughts."

He would also look at other women and say "oh look at that girl, she looks weird in that outfit". He also never asked me much about my life and he didn't even get me anything for Christmas. He also never asked me when my birthday was. Am I better off without him? My gut was screaming this guy isn't worth it. Now I don't know why im questioning it cos he still says "You're going to regret it. I know you still like me etc"


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  • its not worth it.


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