I LOVE U <3, How can you tell if you are in LOVE?

really how can u tell if u are in love? Does ur heart skip a beat or somethin?


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  • Okay so crushing and loving and being in love are all different things:

    Crushing: Heart skips a best, butterflies, nervousness, anxiety, they are always perfect to you and all that stuff. It causes a lot of mood swings and mistrust

    Love: We in general love a lot of people. Basically someone you are very affectionate about is someone you love. Can hurt.

    In love: now this is special, yes you skip a beat sometimes, but your heart is at peace with this person. You may see flaws but you embrace them and love them for who they are. Both of you have a mutual understanding and basically it's amazing.


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  • When I get shy around that person, yet excited to see him and want to talk to him

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