Girl from gym has me completely confused as to what she wants?

i first meet her this spring somewhat akwardly but we chatted a few times at the gym and she seemed really nice. i stopped going to the gym during the summer and lost touch with her , then i returned in November but she was nowhere to be found , since she had told me she only moved here for work and not from here i though she might of moved back home.
but she returned in late December and i talked to her briefly the day i saw her back at gym. i didn't really go to gym during Christmas break and i think she went home. then this week things heated back up i've seen her there all 3 days this week , on Monday didn't get a chance to talk to her , then on Tuesday ran into her as i was leaving and tried to talk to her at front door but she barely even said hi back , then today she showed up way earlier than normal and in gym when i was there and was like in the middle of gym in front of everyone doing these exercises that involved her lifting weighs but also a lot bending her butt ( she has a very tight body and wears yoga pants so like everyguy in the gym noticed and is like just about to die thinking she's so hot )
she barely said anything to me but anknowledged i was there and didn't seem to mind if i was working out nearby or checking her out.
i left so confused with crazy thoughs running through my head of what might come out of this , the though of even having sex with someone as hot is her blows me away , it would be an unreal experience , but i don't even know what she wants , i don't even know if she is single , does she think were just friends , is she trying to find a guy at gym? . i'm clueless as to what i should do next , i don't want her to think i just go there so i can look at her sweet butt but she didn't seem to care that i did


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  • just ask her number.

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