What should I do after a first date?

I don't know if this was a date but this guy asked me out to dinner, so we went out and ate and talked, I didn't talk a lot tho because I was really shy and nervous (that's where I feel like I messed up) so after we are we left the place and then he walked me to my house and we hugged and he said "see you later" should I text him saying "I had a nice time today/yesterday and sorry that I didn't talk a lot I was shy and nervous" or should I say something else? Or should I say nothing at all and wait for him to message me

  • Message him first saying you had a nice time
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  • Wait for him to message you first
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What Guys Said 2

  • Don't bother waiting for him to message you. It is possible that he thinks he screwed up during the date because you are being so shy and reluctant to open yourself to him. Observing that, your guy will be discourage in asking you out again thinking that you do not enjoy spending time with him and thus he will give up the chase.

    Of course, do tell him that you are shy and nervous.

    • Okay I will and should I say it today or should I say it tomorrow? (The date was today)

    • I would lean toward saying it tomorrow because if you say it tomorrow, you will drop a hint that you are occasionally thinking about him (he may not pick it up, and chances are, he will not). If he is into you, then it is very flattering for you to be thinking about him.

      If you say it today, he may interpret your text as if you are just expressing your manners to thank him.
      Make sure that you do not text that too many days later.

  • Never wait. Take initiative. In fuckin everything.


What Girls Said 1

  • You should say it first because of you did not talk a lot he might have thought you did not like it.

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