Right now I feel like crying. Am I over reacting?

I came to the library to do homework and I was hoping he would be there too. He wasn't at first but oh well... then he arrived but he didn't look that happy to see me. He came to where I was sitting and looked at what I was doing which was homework. He said "wow how did u get 0/14 on that?" I laughed and said "it was homework that was today and I forgot to do it, but it's alright cause I get the points as soon as I do it." Anyways after that he was about sit down but then he saw a guy sitting and said "whoa is that u bro? I didn't even see u." He went over to him and they started talking. They talked for awhile then another guy he knows joined them. They kept on talking and talking and I'm here still doing my homework wondering when he'll finish but all of the sudden they walk into a room to continue talking more and it's like he forgot about me. He's been gone for over an hour now talking to them and I'm here by myself. We didn't talk that much today at school and I was happy he came to the library but he is with the guys instead. He didn't even sit down and say hi or give me a kiss. And I feel hurt wtf. Or am I over reacting?


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  • I think you're overreacting, what if it's like an old friend of his. If I'd be meeting an old friend I would sure want to have a good talk.
    And he went into a different room so they wouldn't disturb others in the library