My friend has a boyfriend but likes the guy I LIKE?

It's really annoying. We both agreed he was cute when she was single but she has a boy now, so I feel she should back off. She's really annoying me because I really like him and she is saying she likes him more than she likes her own boyfriend. I feel like she's doing it to annoy me, like how selfish can you be? I don't have a boyfriend I'm single and I like him yet she's saying all of these things about him and how attractive she thinks he is. I just think it will be awkward if I ever end up with him and I know she thinks all of these things about him. Do you think she has an ulterior motive by saying these things? Is she trying to put me off him so she can break up with her boyfriend and take him? Like she's even talking about having sex with him and it's annoying me so bad. She's not being very loyal to her boyfriend.


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  • she sounds like a shitty girlfriend and friend

    • just leave her alone, and perhaps she has genuine feelings for him. This does not justify her actions though

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    • maybe she is all talk

    • you're right. I just hope she doesn't try and sabotage it

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  • She sounds like a toxic, selfish person. I don't think you should keep hanging out with her. I wouldn't trust her if I were you.

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