What does she mean by Maybe next time (peacesign)?

Ok i got to know this girl on a trip via mutual friends.. just introduced approx 4 weeks ago.. anw i just started texting her lately via WA.. i texted her twice in alternate days.. a gap of two days and i texted her to ask her out..

the conversation is as follows..

Me : Gdmorning
Her : Gdmorning (sunrise)
Me: Are you doing anything this Saturday morning?
Her: what time?
Her: 830am I've got some work
Me :630am haha
Me : 630am too go to the park~
Her: Ohh..
Her: Problem is i dont have transport.
Her: Maybe next time (peacesign)
Me:Ok (sunglasses)

do i still have a chance of asking her out?

i think i need to rephrase the following.. nt sure what apple24 meant.. hehe

i texted her personally on the 1st Saturday.. casual chatting,.. then 4th Monday.. follow up of last conversation.. so today Thursday i asked her out ( conversation as refered above)

il prolly re text her after work to rearrange it..
so still a chance to go for? Girls Opinion?
Ok so.. i got her guessing.. i told i will reply later tonight..
Text as foĺlows. (Continuation)

Me: by the way fel about Saturday..
Her: Yes?
Me: will reply you tonight..

Too much text seem mundane..

I feel like calling her..

Bsides i want to ask her about it can we make it happen this week? & tell her tht im just looking for a jogging partner~

Should i proceed hay or nay.. haha
Wish me luck


Most Helpful Girl

  • I person ally think she said it that way either due to her personality or to seem casual, I have a habit of acting like I dont care with guys I like bc I am shy and dont want them knowing I like them, so perhaps she's acting casual for that reason. Or hey, maybe she's just saying it because it seems like a casual convo


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe the next time 💁🏻


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  • 2 days? Nah! Maybe but she seems busy?


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't see why not? Nonetheless, why didn't you take her response as an opportunity to offer an alternate time to see her or, better yet, pick her up after?

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