Online dating lead to Facebook friends... now what?

I recently started online dating again. I was on the fence about it because I have tried another website in the past and it was a waste of time. This time I actually did meet a guy who has a lot of similar interests. We texted back and forth but both our messages were pretty short. I got the feeling that he didn't like to text very much.

Eventually, I suggested we talk through text/phone because the website emails were so much slower. He agreed and suggested FB or Skype. So I sent him my FB page link and we became friends. After that, he liked some of my photos and commented on a post or two of mine, but he has not messaged me privately.

Recently, I messaged him and brought up a previous conversation about TV shows and asked him if he knew if the ones he recommended I try were on Netflix. I got very brief but polite answers and he did respond to me quickly. Since then, there's been nothing.

I am not sure if he's just not a conversation starter or if he already has lost interest. Is there any way to revive this conversation or have I already been banned to the friend zone?


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  • Yeah he sounds not that interested at all. First warning for that is you suggest exchanging phone numbers to get off the site and he instead... asks for your facebook


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  • You should just initiate more contact and if he still doesn't seem engaged in the conversation you can leave it.

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