My boyfriend told me there is no excitement in our relationship?

We've been dating for 3 months now. And to be honest this is my first REAL relationship. I've had two boyfriends before, one was long distance, and the other was short one. I'm a Junior in high school and yes I've never really did anything sexuall with a guy. Anyways my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 month now and the the farthest we've went is him fingering me, which was like a month ago (I think). Things haven't been going very well for the last couple of weeks now.😧 and tonight I finally bite the bullet and talked to him about it. I asked him if he still likes me he answered "babe that's a stupid question, of course I still like you" oh I almost forgot to tell you he is a very honest person. I asked him if he still thinks about me the way he used to think about me when he first started dating me. He said " to be honest before I started dating you I used to think that you were the hottest girl and I was crazy about you but now you're just Nikki"
So before I could ask any other question he asked me something that made me speechles. He asked " what would you do if every time you told someone that you were dating a person they thought that, that person was dating someone else and not u" I was confused so I repeated the question to myself by how I heard it." wait so you're asking me how I would feel if every time I told someone I was dating you they thought that you were dating someone else instead of me?" And he said yeah, with this sad expression on his face. Then I realize what he was talking about. My best friend (guy). We are soo close to the point that the school thinks we are dating. But he is my best friend he should be the last person to get jealous of the relationship that my best friend and I have. Before we could finish the whole conversation I had to leave and go home my sister came to pick me up. He said he couldn't text me tonight and that we will continue the conversation tomorrow.
What do you think about the whole situation?
Should I be mad at the fact that because there is not a lot of excitement (sexual) in our relationship he started to change because of it?
And I really can't change the fact that my best friend and I walk to classes together and we see each other in school more than I see my boyfriend.


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  • Instead of worrying about it, ask him what he wants to do to make it more interesting.

    You will either like it or not, like means you then have an interesting relationship, not means you move on.


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