Ladies.. what is your ideal man?

In b4 you tag me. @polocrew and @consultantisback


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  • Playful, muscly, great and dominant in bed, chill, handsome, eats healthy like myself and takes good care of himself, has a good sense of style, is adventurous, and good humor is a must. Confidence is important too, a slight bit of arrogance can be okay for me cause it makes me laugh. 😂


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  • Tall 6'4" blonde, longer hair, blue eyes, prominent cheekbones, sharp jawline, NO facial hair, muscular (but in a fit, not unrealistic way). The looks kinda like prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast.
    Personality: humble, introvert, shy, kind, respects women, gentlemen, loves animals

    • 6"4 wow lol pretty high standards. I'm 6"1 and girls tell me I'm tall all the time.

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    • nobody "needs" tinder. Just a good place to find fck buddies.

    • "cracks knuckles" alright i am tagged in here

  • -definitely not the average 'good-looking' type, definitely not muscular to the point of big calves and guns
    -geeky, knows computers is the best, anime works too although those two go together most times
    -maybe a bit blunt is okay as long as they're caring and will do random cute things

  • guess I'll just list it like bullet points
    -good sense of humor
    -similar morals
    -laid back
    -not overly pushy or aggressive about things
    -able to take not always getting his way
    -attractive to my standards
    -has drive, ambition
    -has a sustainable job/can take care of himself
    -cuddly, but independent
    -decent grammar. doesn't use much slang.

    guess that's about it for me. I'm sure there are more I just haven't thought of.

  • Someone crazy chill, adventurous, not cocky, loves the snow, an animal lover, likes to travel

  • You mean physically? since thats what you gym guys care about 😂

  • Is this a serious question or a troll question?

    • All of his questions are troll questions.

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    • Lol why you following me then?

    • Aww come on, why the downvote?

      Serious answer:
      -Family-oriented, likes kids and animals
      -isn't a lazy bum
      -good sense of humor, isn't needy or high-maintenance
      -likes to travel
      -is a plus if he likes to work out and eat healthy, especially if he can cook (I can't)
      -HAS to be intelligent
      -decent looking
      -independent (I can't stand clingy). Has to let me do my own thing

      It's also a plus if he can dress himself in matching clothes and doesn't keep ESPN on 24/7 👌🏼

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