Dating A friend's cousin, he doesn't really approve, can I balance both?

I have been dating my best friend's cousin for a few months now. She and I have become quite close. Lately my friend has been vocal about his objections to us and to me. It's angering the both of us and driving a riff between my friend and I.

She said that we should keep our relationship strong despite his objections. If we get closer or marry someday, we'd become family!

He has issues of this and just wants our normal friendship back. but its too late for that. Now its come to a point for the both of us, it's either my relationship or him. She's encoraging me and with her support to stand up to him and keep our relationship strong. If push comes to shove she said she'd back me up saying that we choose eachother over his feelings. Is this the right thing to do? Her parents love me too.


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  • He has no say in it. You and his cousin are both responsible adults and he should accept it.
    He's acting like a child by throwing an ultimatum at you. I think the right thing to do is to tell him that you do not accept ultimatums from anyone.

    • Good point. Kind of what I was thinking. She's a few years younger then me too, so not sure if this has anything to do about it (23)

    • >_> Is she underage?

    • Oh no, she's 23, I'm 34

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