Been talking to a girl for over a year, we've been through a lot together and we care for each other but she's afraid of committing to one person?

At first she told me her "friend" was just a "friend" he later ruined my chances of dating her because his sweet talk won her over. Anyway they dated eventually for a month.. Before they broke up she admitted she wished she chose me. I'm getting all excited and when we return to school, she tells me she meets a new guy. I get my feelings hurt again and when I asked her about "us" she said she's not sure about how we'll turn out and she's not allowed to date? This whole time I've invested my time and effort into her, we know everything about each other. Schools out for break again and she opens up to me more, were even closer now, but once school started again, she's with her friend and that guy she met, which she admitted she likes, but isn't anything serious. I don't understand I can hug her, kiss her on the cheeks of course and she tells me she loves it. But lately she's been saying "I'm seeing progress with us" what the fuck does this mean. Should I just keep her as a friend and move on? I know I'm this in highschool but were both heavily attached to eachother.


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  • Move on. She's not into you.


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