Girls, Girl I went on 1st Date with was so open about her sexuality? and why?

... On her own started telling me about how she watches "porn and jacks-off a lot" as said in her own words, so would she bring this up?


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  • She wants to hook up. No girl brings that up without questioning on a first date if she wasn't looking to just hook up.

    • O so definitely NOT a relationship type girl then... that sucks

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    • Overall she seemed like a sweet girl and find her atttactive but just felt like she was really blunt about a couple things I mean they usually don't tell that info until ur sexually involved with the person. But thanks for the tip! So nice of u

    • Of course! I say give her another shot and by the way she talks to you, you'll know what she really wants.

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  • She obviously wanted to show you that she's "sexually available".