Single people problems?

do you ever walk with your ugly friend and he/she is like "oh shit, don't look around. my ex is there..."
and you are like, damn. You even have an Ex and I'm still single.
while you Had someone.. ex.. her ex.. she now has an ex


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  • Hahaha nope
    An ex meaning it didn't work out, I'm happy I that I wouldn't have one


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  • It's more annoying when someone asks if you have a partner and when you tell them that you don't, they start to look at you like you are some kind of alien. >.>
    Or when you talk to someone of the opposite gender and your parents start to ask if you are a couple and start to ask even his height, if he is good looking, how old is he, etc. 😑

    • Yr PARENTS would ask about height and looks? The what now?

    • @redeyemindtricks
      Yes, my parents are stupid, agreed. 😐😳
      This is why I lock myself in my room and try to keep the minimal contact with them. .-.

    • I mean, I've heard of parents trying to be all buddy-buddy with their kids, but that's a new one. A new low, if you ask me. Sweet jesus, girl. /:

      I... I don't know what to say. Don't even know what to say.

      (Full disclosure: I am 6'8" in my favorite heels, so I've never cared about height, anyway... this makes the whole thing seem even more ridiculous than it already does.)

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  • Nah! Cuz I don't give apples. hahaha