Ask him if he sees a future with us besides flirting, and if he plans to stay with his girlfriend?

Hi everyone,

I am in a very messy situation right now. I am in touch with a guy, but there hasn't anything physical happend. He also never mentiones a girlfriend when we first met. I was pretty sure he wasn't into me when we met, cause we had very un-flirty conversations.

Later, however, he started flirting haeavily and it became clear that he was attracted. that's the reason why he didn't want to meet. to avoid that something "else" happens. Initially, I didn't play along and told him clearly what I thought of him. Nevertheless, he continued contacting me (without flirting) and I got weak and allowed it. we've been flirting mostly and he invited me over one time, but I didn't go (too dangerous)! We met up in an innocent context and nothing happend.

I do believe that he is stringing me along, even though he always denies it. He says that he cares about me, but his actions speak a differet language. I asked him few months ago what was going on, but he said that he couldn't have anything more. We stopped contact as I told him only to contact me if he is interested. So I assumed he was, since he contacted me again!!

I've starting seeing someone who is single and who actually likes me. Also, someone who has more time.
I would like to ask the first guy if he plans to stay in his current relationship or not? and tel lhim that i've started dating someone, but I would like to know if he sees any kind of future?

I need clarity to completely move on, but he somehow doesn't let me. Either he gets in touch again or he gives me vague answers...


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  • He doesn't like you. Sorry hun. But he obviously sees you as a "second option" to fall back on on case things don't work out. And he definitely doesn't respect you. I would say that he's not worth it. Find a guy who respects you and thinks of you as treasure, not a fall back option.

    • ok you are very young, but I do see a lot of truth in your statement.
      I would like to tell him before that though, I know, it might not make a difference anyways, but I need to do it for myself.
      I just don't know why he claims to like me etc... ? how can someone be such a lier..

    • i've asked him many times, nd he always claims he cares and so on... I try to believe people and understand their motives etc...

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