Do I have a chance at this girl?

Hey all,..

I am in this WA group, its an outdoor activity group so there is a bunch of friends and a person of interest in the group. Apparently introduced by the group Admin, which is a guy friend.

I do feel abit apprehensive thinking the group Admin and the person of interest might be communicating..

it would be kinda not nice to be suspicious of my current friends..
So i made contact with her.. just casual texting

well new development..

I had to ask the spot on question.. and the conversation is as follows..

Me : by the way Are your single?
Her: haha
I am single but not available (monkey)(monkey)(monkey)
Me : ahh.. we can shill and hang out?
Her: sure in group would be better and more fun
Me: Yeah whatever tickles the fancy..
Me : sure but your group seems like a nice bunch..
Her : ya they are nice people


I was scouting if she is seeing somebody so i asked her..

Me : i though i saw you somewhere..
Her :where when ? (smiley)
Me : You been dating?
Her : Haha (Smiley)
Me : so you kinda open for datng huh?
Her : its not the stone age..
Me : hahhaha
Me : so i can ask you out la?
Her : if the timing is right (thumbs up)


I was scouting if she is dating anyone i know.. :( might be awkward)

Me: I want to ask you a direct question..
Me : but dont be angry..
Her :what?
Me: Are you dating xx?
Her: huh?
Her: No!!
Me : Hahaha

well she tells me she is suprised.. and how could i thought of that..
we laughed it off..

so.. I don't know if i still have a chance to grow this chase.. perhaps casual dating.. etc.. I don't know

let me know what you think? good or bad? what do i do? not chat with her too often and set a date?


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  • She told you no 7 times by my count