Freshman girls, what is the appeal of dating upper classmen?

It seems as though every freshman girl i know is either dating a junior or a senior. And if they aren't dating one, they are crushing on one. Its almost as if they treat it like some kind of accomplishment or social status. Most of them refuse to date guys their own age!

I personally find it disgusting that some perv who already finished puberty, and can almost be considered an adult, and is going of to COLLEGE is dating a little kid who just made it to high school, and she is letting him!

so freshman girls, tell me, what is the appeal of dating an upper classman?


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  • They can buy you beer? I don't know that was never a thing on my campus or with friends.

    • No actually they can't lol. The legal drinking age is 21, and seniors (as long as they never got held back) are 17-18

    • Oh you mean high school girls. The older guys have cars.

    • Sophomores have cars too, yet they insist on dating juniors and seniors.