Is there anything good/better about being friends with a girl INSTEAD of being her boyfriend?

First of all thank you to all of you who responded to my last question. I would like to say that your answers helped me a lot, well in all actuality, that and a couple of more things I experienced over the last week and a half have created more questions, so like any other person that does not have answers, I am currently seeking psychiatric treatment for it. But I digress... anyway pershaps my phrasing of this question is poor, but I am just curious, is there anything that makes the experience of being friends with a girl when you're a guy and vice versa, is there anything that makes being friends instead of boyfriend and girlfriend more beneficial or better? Or if you are just friends are you just like a piece of sheet metal off the scrap heap that is only needed on rare occasions, or maybe the like a 30+ year old free agent NFL running back, that's damaged goods that could be a diamond in a rough, but at the same time you would only be needed in her life on very rare, and not very special occasions. Hope I didn't offend anyone I'm just looking for answers looking forward to hearing from you guys. - love dave


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  • Yes there are lots of things better about being a friend with a woman than her boyfriend.

    Some of these include not being embroiled in any drama she has. She can have her promiscuous phase and you need not get involved. I find women are better listeners and communicators than men and are better at reading body language and can really help you feel in tune to how a woman thinks and operates. I also find that women are more loyal as friends than men. A male friend will have sex with your woman if he can get away it.


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  • I don't understand the question. Are you asking what there is to enjoy about having a friend of the opposite sex?

    Well, I don't know how it is for guys, but for me at least (and most girls, from my observation) male friends are invaluable. We joke, we play, we talk about our relationships and ask for advice.. we just do everything that friends do. A couple months ago, my best guy friend wanted to buy a sexy toy for his wife, so he asked me to go with him to the adult store to help pick it out. And we just had a blast! And my other guy friend is just literally the smartest person I've ever met - he's who I talk to about most things. But both these guys and I have never had feelings for each other.

    Anyway. It's just really, really nice hanging out with a guy without any feelings or pressure or tension.

  • Is there anything good/better about being friends with a girl INSTEAD of being her boyfriend?
    Not in my opinion as I find most guys generally solely/mainly interact with gals for sexual intentions. In my observations guys do not seek or find value in nonsexual interaction/activity with gals if anything they seem to regard it as being played/used/duped to interact with a gal without getting sex in exchange.

    Is there anything good/better about being friends with a guy INSTEAD of being his girlfriend?
    Yes in my opinion as there is no obliged sex regardless of her desire since sex is her duty. And to me there is freedom in not having to deal with male ego, male jealousy, male insecurity, etc.

  • I would say yes, considering what my friends tell me. I have male best friends and they say they like having a female best friend because they can actually talk to us. About everything. They can be vulnerable and open without judgement or the constant "man up!" stuff they get from guys. they can be who they are.


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